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Permanent Campaigner | Financial Times

August 11, 2014
“That’s the core conflict within the centre left of the Democratic party, but it is hard to say exactly how it is fixed,” says Mark Schmitt, of the New America Foundation.

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The irony of Barack Obama's presidency in one sentence | Vox

August 6, 2014
The 2008 Democratic primary was, as Mark Schmitt wrote, a "theory of change" primary. The different candidates didn't disagree all that much about what to do. They disagreed about how to get it done.

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Righting the GOP (Book Review) | Boston Review

  • By
  • Mark Schmitt,
  • New America Foundation
August 1, 2014 |
Our political era, as most of us understand it, starts in 1980. The election of Ronald Reagan is the opening shot, the first of the three massive conservative backlashes (1994 and 2010 are the others) that have irretrievably shaped our sense of political possibility.
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